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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

So, if you're like me... you make a new year's resolution and stick to it for oh, about two days. This year, I've decided that if I am going to really resolve to do something seriously, then I'm going to need to get a jump on it BEFORE the new year, so that I can successfully accomplish it.

Here's my bad habit: I make lists. In my head, while I'm doing something else. I realize that this doesn't sound so bad, but what inevitably happens is that I am all up in my head about what I WILL be doing when I'm supposed to be focused on something else at the moment.

As of late, this means that while I am playing with Avie, I am only 50% engaged. The other 50% of me is thinking about sweeping, cooking, grocery store, blogging, working, shiny objects, is it bath night, etc. Any of you who currently have or have had a toddler knows that they don't like it when you're not really paying attention to them. My day-dreaming leads to outbursts and attention-seeking "bad" behavior (thank you Janet Lansbury for putting this into words).

Can you see what my resolution will be? In order for me to achieve a more "focused" life, I need to be more productive and focused with my time, all the time. So that my play time with Avie is simple, uninterrupted play time and my work time is focused, accomplished work time. I decided this on a Monday. Then, in a true serendipitous moment on Tuesday, I was loaned a book called Plan Simple Meals.

My friend and I have been talking a lot about food lately. She is taking herself on a new Vegan and Gluten-free path, while I am looking into "Traditional Eating" (which I will blog about when I have a better grasp on it). A large part of my Focused Life resolution revolves around food- and even more so- Avalyn's food. It always has, since food is necessary, but I didn't realize that it's so much more than just making sure we have something to eat for dinner.

If you're looking for some new healthy recipes and an easy, inspirational read then you HAVE to get this book. I am head over heels for it right now. The author, Mia Moran, is vegan and gluten free... but she doesn't push it on the reader. Her recipes follow her diet, but she will tell you when you can throw in meat or dairy, if it's not already obvious to you.

But she provides more than just recipes. It's a book that is chock-full of tools, tips and strategies to becoming a more organized and energetic Mommy. Through food.

Whaaaat? Yeah. Just go check out the book here. Then browse her website here.

My first step: I'm making a 'calendar' of the week so I can establish my rhythm. I've written all my daily/weekly chores and tasks on strips of post-it notes and stuck them on my 'calendar' under the day I will complete that task (or fun item like blogging and crafting). For example, Fridays I will meal plan and then hit the grocery store, then Mondays should be more free so I can make it laundry day, etc.

Since cooking food takes up so much of my time, I feel like it's better to schedule it and be consistent. Then I will have more quality time to accomplish other tasks. I also won't be scrambling to throw something together and end up making a potentially unhealthy food decision. I'm going to try my new rhythm this week to see if it works. And since the tasks are on post-it notes, I can move them around if I need to.

I've already made two recipes from this book and they were both delicious!

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