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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

I had such a precious moment this morning that made me realize something deep and profound. It dawned on me that all I have ever done, in my whole life, was preparing me for for this one special moment and every minute of every day moving forward.

I was in bed, still exhausted even after sleeping for 8 hours when my daughter called out from her room. She told me that she was all done sleeping and I dragged my worn out limbs into her bedroom. Avie was bright and happy, ready to face the day. 180 degrees from my energy level.

I picked her up out of the crib and stood her on the floor. I snatched a pull-ups diaper from the drawer and set it down next to her, then told her to come find me when she was all dressed. I went back to bed. A few minutes later, she came walking up to the mattress with a box of Bandaids and a tube of Neosporin in her hand, "I need a bandaid" she said and climbed up into the empty spot next to me.

There wasn't an emergency, just a slightly raw spot on her hand where she scraped it in a fall two days ago. She helped take the bandage out of the box and then held still while I put it on for her. Then she said, "Thank you, Mama, I'm going to get dressed now" and scooted off the bed. As she padded out the door in nothing but her pull-up, I suddenly felt so whole.

My little girl is so sweet and so smart. She is the perfect age right now; just small enough to need help from Mama, but big enough to do things like dress herself. There I was, sore to the bone- aching from the release of stress and tension that I'd been holding in my body, and she was handling the first 'chores' of the morning with so much grace. I knew that I had done that... I encouraged her and taught her and that all my work put towards raising a decent human being is paying off day by day in this beautiful little person.

I also realized that all the work I had put towards yesterday IS going to pay off, too. Yesterday, I debuted my line of wrapping paper and greeting cards at a CF event. This little project has been a long time in the making- hours and hours of painting and planning for this one morning and it had finally happened. The response was amazing!

Avie, fingerprinting an envelope

Of course, I imagined that this would be THE PLACE to debut my stuff- given that the cards are fingerprinted by Avie. Who wouldn't want to take the fingerprints of a CF Fighter home with them? I have 6 themes for the wrapping paper; love, believe, soar, grow, thrive, wish. All things I want for my little Avie Rose. It was the perfect venue and I sold a ton of product yesterday... though it was probably mostly to my friends.

My friends.

The wonderful women I've collected over the years had come to support me. I only had 10 spots at the table to fill and they were snatched up quickly! I know that had I been given a table of 20, I would have had it filled just as fast because those are the kind of beautiful friends I have.

I'm feeling so blessed.

Here's to those moments that leave fingerprints on your soul.

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