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Carrots- who knew?!

If you read my recipe posts, you know that I'm all about a healthy baby.... okay, toddler, whatever! I am always looking for ways to get vegetables into my kid's belly and I just wanted to post a little trick I stumbled on:

Grated carrots.

I'm not talking julienned carrots, I mean finely grated.. like, pretty much carrot mush (but not pureed).

I don't know why the thought popped into my head (maybe because of a new cook book I got as a gift)- but I grabbed a baby carrot and grated the crap out of it, then threw that into some tuna. She didn't even know it was there! I will never make tuna without carrot pulp again!

It worked so well that I started wondering what else I could put it in....

How about some mashed sweet potato?


Or, you know that apple date pancake recipe I posted about here?


I went so carrot-cuckoo that my husband came home to a destroyed kitchen and a fridge full of food... which we need to eat today because we're leaving on an airboo tomorrow.

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