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Bubble snakes

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

I am not the type of Mother who has all sorts of fun activities at hand. I've heard of those women and I kneel at their feet. However, I've noticed that the older Avalyn gets, the quicker and more halting her boredom is. It forces me to come up with something for her to do, something to keep her occupied, happy, and detached from my shirttail.

Yesterday was one of those days. I had a TON of things to do, and Avie let me accomplish most of my to-do list before twirling down into a confused, whiny puddle. She wanted my attention, but for what she wasn't sure. I quickly nabbed my phone and after a minute or so of searching the web, stumbled upon this fun little activity called, bubble snakes.

I had to practically peel her off the floor and drag her outside. She didn't want to go, but also didn't want to stay in. Once outside, though, the sun altered her indifference and she was ready to engage again, curious of the strange objects I brought outside with us; an empty water bottle with the bottom cut off, a sock, a shallow bowl with dish soap and water, and some food coloring.

I dipped the sock-covered water bottle into the wet solution and then brought the bottle up to my lips. With one long breath, I blew through the bottle, conjuring an iridescent cloud of weightless foam. Avie lit up, joy bursting out of her eyes and suddenly, I was a magician capable of summoning happiness out of thin air. She laughed, ran and blew snake bubbles until she was out of breath. Then we added color and a whole new rainbow of possibilities was opened up to her.

Our neighbor stopped to watch the unfurling wonder and bliss on their way out. Then, after a moment, they turned to Avie and said, "You have the coolest Mommy"

I am victorious.

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