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CLEAN laundry

I've discussed this product with lots of Mothers lately and all of them have been pretty excited about it. This discovery actually came after a coffee meeting with a fellow CF Mama, where the topic of conversation was cleanliness and sanitation.

Enthralling, right?

Basically, this other Mama disclosed her fear of bacteria on clothing (NOT unfounded, I must add) and said that her favorite way to combat this was with Lysol Laundry sanitizer. So, naturally, I went out and bought some right away. Even though I intended on only using this for towels, sheets or aggressively warn clothing (i.e. park-stained or airplane-soaked), I've ultimately used it on every load.

But it's okay... it smells really good!

Plus, when do you NOT want to sanitize your laundry?? Dish towels, underwear, gym clothes, bath mats, jeans?! It's like the Pringles of the laundry world: you just can't stop.

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