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Sweet potato sandwiches

I wish I could give credit, where it's due, for this little snack but unfortunately I can't remember where I got the idea. Good Housekeeping? Food Network? It's probably one of those sources.

Anyway, there are recent studies out about the health benefits of our little tuber friends. Turns out that those orange (or purple) fleshed sugary-tasting little chunks of food that most people associate with Thanksgiving are actually pretty darn good for you. My favorite thing about them? Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is one of those fat-soluble vitamins that CFers have a hard time absorbing. I'm always interested in foods that naturally contain the vitamins A, D, E and K. In addition, I'm currently learning about how important fat is in helping your body (anybody's body- not just CFers) digest and absorb the nutrients in foods. Luckily for Avie, I always include SOME kind of healthy fat in her meals and this snack is no different.

I read somewhere a little blurb about eating nut butter on sweet potatoes (again, I wish I remembered where that was) and it just popped into my head again the other day. So, yesterday I roasted slices of sweet potato for about 10 minutes at 450. When they had cooled, I spread peanut butter on one slice of potato and then topped it with another.

Boom. Sweet potato sandwich.

But, then I couldn't leave well enough alone and stuck some dried cranberries in the next 'sandwich'. It's Avie approved.

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