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Sneaky, Peas-ky

Peas are one of the vegetables I can't seem to sneak by Avie. Every once in a while, if they are well-hidden in layers and layers of other delicious morsels, she will eat them.

But I can't really blame her for not liking them.... I don't even like them. I eat them because I am an adult and I know they are good for me and because the color green, doesn't taste all that bad to me anymore.

So why bother trying to stash them in Avie's food then? Well, peas are really good for you. They pack in a ton of protein for their little round bodies. They also contain vitamins, B, A and K.... and those of you with little CFers know that vitamins A and K (as well as D and E) are super important, fat-soluble little buggers. Speaking of fat; peas contain a little Omega-3 fat, as well as fiber.

We could all use more fiber.

Anyway, I was digging around in the freezer yesterday (trying to scrape something quick up for dinner) when I found an almost empty package of peas. I hate "almost-empty" things so I decided that I was going to use them.... somehow.

Then I browsed the inter-web and came across THIS RECIPE for a cheesy basil pasta sauce. Now, at first, I was just going to throw the peas in the pasta once it was all combined but I knew I would be spending an evening of picking tiny green bits out of my toddlers mouth while she gags dramatically over the mere idea of a pea on her tongue. So, no.... I decided to blend the peas right into the basil sauce.

And it worked.

It was a basil-pea-cheese pesto!

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