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Broccoli Rice

I think most people have heard of Cauliflower rice, but someone mentioned broccoli rice to me for the first time the other day. I don't have a problem getting Avie to eat steamed broccoli- BUT she hasn't quite jumped on the raw broccoli bandwagon yet.

(There was one day that she munched right through a raw floret, but that trick hasn't been repeated yet.)

Anyway, I thought it was worth a try.

You make broccoli rice the same way you would make cauliflower rice. Wash the head of broccoli, cut the florets off and then pulse in a food processor until you have small, rice-sized pieces.

Essentially, you're done there. But how do you get a toddler to eat this green "rice"? Well, the mother who enlightened me on this little item would sneak it into her child's spaghetti sauce! Genius.

But, since I can't just do what a suggested recipe calls for- I decided to dump a can of black beans into a pot with some seasoning and then fold the broccoli rice in. What I had then was basically a "filler" for essentially anything. One day, I mixed it with taco chicken and avocado for a little burrito bowl... another day I grated cheese over the top as a side dish. I even combined this "rice" with real rice for my little munchkin. Then, yes, I did mix it with spaghetti sauce eventually.

Honestly, I think you could throw broccoli rice into a casserole or even a lasagna if you wanted to. It's a pretty versatile little trick!

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