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My child has an "old" soul... and by old, I mean teenage. There have been many times where she says something that makes me stop in my tracks and I end up having to remind myself that she is only 2. This is the latest story:

I had JUST finished my book when I heard Avie waking from her afternoon nap. The timing was perfect and the little chatter coming from her room sounded happy. I was excited to see her smiling face when I went into her room. She looked over the railing of her crib and pushed her untameable locks out of her face.

"Allie all done sleeping," she said to me. Allie is what she calls herself- I think it's intended to be Avie, but that little toddler tongue gets in the way.

"Oh. Okay, you're all done sleeping?" I smiled and I crossed the room to open the blinds.

"Yeah," she replied flatly, "BCC time." BCC is her word for CPT, her chest percussion treatments. She enjoys this because she gets to watch TV. However, the declaration made me laugh. It was as much in her mature delivery as it was in the idea that she knew exactly what she wanted to do next, now that her nap was done.

I reached down and picked her up, setting her on my hip. She wasted no time in reaching up to my shoulders, putting one hand on each. She pushed with her right hand and actually pulled with her left which twisted my shoulders away from the crib. I followed her direction and turned to face the door, a chuckle in my throat.

Her chubby hand pointed towards the open bedroom door, "That way," she said with a gesture; the universal up-tick of the finger which means 'go'. This time I laughed out-loud.

"You want me to go that way?" I teased.

"Yeah. Upstairs. BCC time." This was just hilarious to me. She just seemed so grown to me in that moment. It's not necessarily cute that she was being bossy... but this was all done with a smile on her face and a playful quality about her serious tone.

When we got to the living room, I set her down next to me on the sofa, "How old are you?" I asked, more to myself than to her.

"....Um. 2 months," She said. I laughed and told her that she was silly. Then she tipped her head to peer out of the only triangle-shaped crack in her wild hair and kind of nodded at me. It was a 'yeah, I know, I'm just messing with you' kind of look. So I thought, this is going to be good, and grabbed my phone to record her next response.

"How old are you?"

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