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The Best Birthday Gifts

I love my kid's birthday almost as much as I love my own. This year was especially fun because Avalyn is at such a great age! She had an ear to ear grin while everyone sang to her and then she wanted to play with every gift as soon as it was opened... which made the whole 'opening presents' thing take forever.

I just wanted to highlight some of the best gifts she got this year. These are items that we just can't keep her away from.

Every time Avie completes this little task, I am so impressed. Some of these shapes are hard! But somehow she is enthralled with it multiple times a day. This is THE best!

#2- A Scooter

I have no link to this. Just go out and grab a scooter that's sized right for your tot- it doesn't have to be expensive, either! Avie is so in love with this that she asks to play with it every time we step into the garage where it's parked.

While it took some trial and error (and frustration) for her to learn how to put the puzzle pieces together, she WAS able to match up the animal bodies right away. This is fun because she is learning the names of these critters as we go. The pieces are pretty sturdy and it's an easy toy to leave out for all day play. She will sit and match a couple then move on to something else and come back for more later.

The name says it all. What kid doesn't want to play with a gazillion bubbles swirling out of control through the air?! This is a great "cold and flu season" activity, for those non-sick season days where you just want your kid at home. We took Avie to a theme park and the next couple days decided to lay low and keep her "exposure" at a minimum... I'm not saying this is what all parents should do (or that it even makes sense) but it's a day where this toy will definitely get used.

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