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Birthday Fundraiser

I haven't posted anything in awhile because I've been working my butt off for our second, annual "Avalyn's birthday" fundraiser, where every penny raised goes to the CF Foundation. The fundraiser is tomorrow and I'm thrilled! And exhausted.

When we started this process, we agreed to make each event bigger and better than the previous.... which shouldn't be too hard, except that our friends and family are exceptional and they set the bar quite high last year.

So, I've been hitting the streets for a month now, looking for contributions to the raffle/silent auction portion of the fundraiser. The feedback and generosity is insane!

Check out this wonderful list of donors we have this year!!


We've got some big names, like:



BJ's Restaurants


There's really awesome gift baskets from these companies, generously donated by friends and family:


Mary Kay


Not to mention some local companies who REALLY stepped up to the plate:

And I can't forget the miscellaneous goodies that we have available for all your hobbies:

Yoga swag, beach gear, golf accessories.... and even expensive liquor

Plus, these companies will be feeding my friends that day:

So, I really hope people are coming prepared to have fun, win some crazy-cool stuff and spend some money doing it!! If you're as happy about these donations as I am- feel free to shoot these companies a little 'thank you' note. They seriously deserve it!

If you're wondering how you can contribute, I have a link set up that connects directly to the CF Foundation:

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