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Who I Am

This is actually a book for your CF kiddo. It's published by Genentech and I think you can get it through your local CF Clinic for free... or at least they would have information for you.

Our copy was given to us by a friend, who's son had CF. She gave it to us right after Avie was born and I started reading it to her when she was probably 6 months old. It's a bigger book and is easier to manage when your kid can kinda sit up on their own... anyway, it's awesome.

This is currently one of Avie's favorite books! She will sit and flip through it on her own, saying words she knows and can associate with the pictures on each page. For example: the main character (who has CF) is Patti. Avalyn will open the first page and say, "Hi, Patti"

When Avalyn sees a picture of Patti doing her breathing treatments with a vest and nebulizer, she somehow knows that it's her CPT... even though Avie doesn't have those machines yet and we do CPT by hand.

I will read the page aloud, and stop when Avalyn can fill in the blank, "Everyday I do my _____" and then Avie shouts, "CPT!"...

And I read, "Before I eat, I take pills called ____", then Avie says, "Emimes!".... which is how she says enzymes.

I really feel like she can identify with Patti- and it's teaching her about herself long before she is even able to question these things. The book mentions staying away from sniffly kids (when Avalyn imitates a giant sneeze, "Ahh-choo!") and washing hands when they get inside the house.

Whoever wrote this book was a genius. Plain and simple. Go get it for your kid, it's never too early.

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