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Does this make you want a mug of some German beer and a sausage??

Or maybe you hate sauerkraut and it just makes you want to click right on past this post.... but before you leave me, here is a fun fact: raw, unpastuerized sauerkraut contains probiotics!

(Fun fact #2: the words 'unpastuerized' and 'Sauerkraut' are spelled using only 12 letters)

If you read my post about sneaking probiotics into Avie's diet, here, then you might be all caught up on a couple ways to get these important bugs into your tot's tummy. But I have a new one involving sauerkraut. You might think I'm crazy- but just try it with your kiddo and see if they like it. Avie does!

German-style cracker stacks:


Goat cheese


It's really simple! I use Stacy's Pita chips, but you can use whatever cracker or chip your kiddo enjoys (Ritz crackers would work just fine, for instance). Just smear a good helping of goat cheese on the cracker and top it off with sauerkraut in your favorite flavor.

What? You mean it comes in flavors??

Yes. Go here and check out what they offer. Avie eats the Dill and Garlic

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