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30 days, no wine-ing

My husband and I are weak.

Every Monday, we vow not to drink any wine for the whole week... by the time Tuesday evening rolls around, we simply look at each other and shrug, asking, "Red or white?"

It's not that we CAN'T say no to a blissful, relaxing glass of magic elixir. We can, individually. But put the two of us together and someone is going to break. My eyebrow will twitch when I drop a classically confusing, non-committal statement (perfected by Eve, I believe, back when she and Adam argued over that damned apple), such as, "Oh, a glass of wine WOULD be nice... but I don't NEED it. Unless, of course- you do?"

Ironically though, we are usually game for participating in the latest diet/sugar-free/workout challenge, just as long as both of us are on board.

And it was with that "up for it" spirit that we've agreed to go 30 days without drinking. Or at least attempt the 30 days to the best of our abilities, given that various events had already been scheduled. I mean, what's a brunch without a mimosa or Bloody Mary?? Or a wine and cheese networking event without the wine?

Just a cheese event?

I suggested that we limit ourselves to one cocktail at times when it seems rude or anti-social not to have a drink. My husband agreed, but ONLY at a previously planned event.


So the first thing I did, after working at my part-time job for a couple hours this morning, was to run out and grab some new parenting books. If I'm going to make it through a whole month without "Mommy's little helper" then I've got to learn some new toddler-raising survival techniques.

Avie has been making it her full time job to challenge me at every turn and my patience is seriously running out. Without that glass of sweet, sweet serenity like a beacon getting me through the day, I'm afraid that I might lose my cookies.

Did I mention that this 30 day challenge also comes with a 5 days/week workout requirement?? Not sure how I will fit that in with being a full-time Mommy and a part-time employee.

Wish I could sit and figure that out over a glass of wine.

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