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Baby soft

Avie has struggled with eczema for what seems like her entire life. I know she isn't yet 2 years old- but that statement's drama is adequate. Especially after I've felt utterly hopeless while watching Avie claw at her own skin, well after it's already bleeding from her scratches.

After multiple, visits, calls and emails to her pediatrician about this issue I was finally sent to a dermatologist after a "mystery" rash appeared on her torso. As it turns out the rash was a staph infection.... PLEASE DO NOT go looking on Google for pictures of this. You will think I'm an awful mother. Her rash was not blistery or bright red! It was just some very small slightly pinker than flesh-colored raised bumps that didn't seem to bother her any more than her already eczema-prone skin did.

But, then again, she was constantly itchy so what do I know?

It was already starting to resolve itself by the time I saw the dermatologist, but in order to eradicate the few remaining spots I was given some medicated ointments, new bathing instructions and told to purchase a moisturizing cream (instead of the Aquaphor that her pediatrician swore by). The cream is called Cerave, and this is the reason for my post.

We have been using this cream on her for just under a week but her skin is ridiculously soft. Like brand-new baby soft! Her eczema (and staph-rash) is completely gone, too! Though I can't attribute that miracle to this cream alone, I am pretty damn sure that it will have a tough time resurfacing if we continue to slather her little body day and night.

So you might be thinking, okay, great- you tried a new cream... so what?

Well, while I was discussing Avie's skin issues to the dermatologist, I mentioned her extra-salty sweat. The dermatologist said that, while the salt isn't causing the eczema, it's definitely making treating it more complicated.

Story of her life, right?

So, CF Mamas: if your kiddo haven't had any skin issues, awesome. If they HAVE, then get yourself some Cerave and Cetaphil*. The Cetaphil is a non-soap cleanser that is safe to use on your baby everyday. The key word there is everyday... get that salt off your probably-dirty-anyway-tot's skin. Both of these products are available over the counter!

*Always check with your pediatrician! I'm not medically trained (I know, hard to believe, right?)

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