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Split Pea soup

My favorite soup growing up was always split pea. My Mom makes a great one using a ham hock and it sits on the stove and cooks for hours... mmmmm. So good!

But I don't have hours to cook these days.

Honestly, I don't even have a plan for meals anymore! Shame on me- since I preach so much about planning simple meals! I've literally just been scrounging in the pantry or fridge to see what I can throw together. Sometimes I fail, but other times I realize that I have all the ingredients needed to make something awesome.

Like split pea soup.

I really can't tell you why I had dried split peas in my pantry, but I did. I also had potatoes, carrots and onion. It just so happens that those are the only ingredients in this Ina Garten recipe.

... and it's Ina Garten, so you know it's good!

But, it's also an Avie Rose recipe, so you know there were changes. Oy, I promise I will post something I haven't altered, someday!

First, I didn't have 8 cups of chicken broth... I had 4 cups of chicken and 4 cups of vegetable broth. Both were homemade, though! Small victories, right??

Second, I didn't have oregano. What?! I know, I was shocked, too! That's like a spice pantry staple. So I honestly just grabbed a bunch of other green spices and threw those in.

-Little tip for seasoning things at random: Follow your nose! Smell each spice and imagine the flavor it will give to your foods.

The chopping in this recipe took longer than any other step. It does cook for about an hour and a half (give or take) but you don't have to stand there and babysit it. Just set your timer and go watch Bones re-runs while your kid naps.

IT was so simple but tasted so good! Avie scarfed down an adult-size bowl!

For more delicious, toddler-friendly soup recipes, go here and here!

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