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When a kid gains a foot, a man loses his thumb

My body is tired.

The exhaustion has gone from the slight fuzziness behind my eyeballs to a deep, seeping fog that made it's way through my tissue and into my bones.

A toddler in a cast is tough for the obvious reasons but I wasn't expecting the additional hurtles. I haven't blogged about it yet, but Avie went through some surprising regressions. Sleep, obviously, was interrupted.

She was sleeping like a newborn again; waking every 3 hours.

Then what shocked me was an eating regression! I just thought the high chair was uncomfortable with her cast on (and maybe that is part of the reason) but she also stopped using the spoon and fork by herself. AND she wasn't eating the meals I was preparing for her.

We quickly learned that it was best to serve her a plate full of options and let her pick what she was going to eat (this is a good tactic for any picky toddler)... and that her new place to sit was on a dictionary, on the bar stool at the counter.

Luckily, this new mealtime ritual changed immediately once her cast was removed. The sleep thing took about a week to correct itself.

Yet, when one door closes on an injury another opens. I know that's not the saying, but it fits with our situation today.

Only about a week into the cast-free baby and my husband goes and cuts a chunk of his thumb off with a mandoline slicer!

Ugh, poor guy. We were getting ready to have a nice evening of grilled burgers and beer, too! I feel so bad for him, all stitched up and potentially losing a good hunk off the pad of his right thumb.

Well.... I honestly feel bad for myself too. I'm back to playing nurse and this time without any baby diapering, dirty dish-washing spousal help!

The only entertainment from all of this is Avie's new obsession with band-aids and "boo-boos"... she is getting pretty good at opening and sticking bandages.

She aims for her foot because she had a pretty big pressure blister on her heel from the cast.

I think my husband and I have both been running too fast through the hectic maze we've created for ourselves... this is probably a sign that we need to take it slow.

Do you hear that, Universe? I don't need my own sign- I will learn from his... thanks!

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