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I made crackers

... and it really wasn't hard! Honest. Here's the recipe: Everona Market Crackers.

I've been wanting to do this for months now, and I finally got around to it. Avie LOVES crackers and unfortunately they are a handy vehicle to some really good food (like hummus, peanut butter, goat cheese or my recent favorite: cream cheese-broccoli puree).

I say unfortunately, because it's hard to find an INEXPENSIVE cracker that isn't loaded with a bunch of fake stuff and preservatives. So I thought, "why not make some myself?!"

As always... I adjusted the recipe a bit. I just can't leave well enough alone some times!

But this was a slight adjustment: I used ONLY whole wheat flour, and added a touch more salt than the recipe called for.

*Now, I did have to use more water than it called for- but this could be because I'm not a very experienced baker OR because I used whole wheat flour.

I overcooked some of them, but Avalyn really likes them so I guess

it's a win!

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