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When in doubt... just make soup

I'm going to share two new recipes that I made for Avie. One of which, she absolutely hated... and the other that she surprisingly loved.

First, I'm sad to say that my little bottomless pit has started to get picky. I hoped this day would never come, but it has... she doesn't love every food item anymore. But, I decided that I'm not going to give up or give in. There will be no "White food phase" in this house!

I started by scavenging my cook books for simple recipes that I was sure she would love. The first one is "Avocadole Guacamole" by Dr. Fuhrman. I got this out of his book, Disease-Proof Your Child. I haven't read the book yet, so I haven't put it in my recommended books list. But the recipe looked good, and easy.

2 Avocados

2 tomatoes

2 Tbl tomato paste

2 Tbl onion flakes (I used real onion)

1/2 cup raisins (I used dried cranberries)

1 Tbl coriander leaves (I used ground coriander)

2 Tbl chopped parsley

juice of 1/2 lemon

1 Tbl date sugar (I just threw in a date)

*put it all in a blender and serve as a veggie dip, pita dip or spoon it onto steamed potato chunks.

So I put it over steamed potatoes and Avie hated it. I served the potatoes with some cut up cheeseburger and she hardly ate anything. UGH! I just stuck the leftovers in the fridge.

Last night, I made turkey and quinoa stuffed peppers, which is a Guy Fieri recipe in this month's Food Network Magazine. I cooked the turkey and quinoa and mixed as directed, then I set aside a bowlful for Avalyn. When it came time for dinner, I cut up some steamed broccoli and mixed it in with the turkey/quinoa, and crossed my fingers.

She devoured it! I was thrilled... and my husband loved the stuffed peppers. AND, we have extra stuffing (which includes kale and pepitas so it's not something Avie can eat) which I will be putting over spinach for my lunch today. YUM! Definitely make this recipe!

So- why am I telling you about the dinner she hated?? Well, I decided to cut it all up and dump it into a pot of hot bone broth today. Yep, I cut up the hamburger with the melted cheese on top, threw in the "Avocadole-d" potatoes and then some steamed carrots and a crank or two of salt.

Boom- delicious soup. Avie's going to be over the moon about this stuff.... and I have a mind to turn all her unwanted leftovers into soup.

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