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Man, it's hard for Mommies to post stuff

She's home. She didn't come home the week I predicted in my last post... there was weight to be gained and they went up very (excruciatingly) slow on the feeds. Everyone was nervous about going too fast on anything. She got discharged on September 2nd. Exactly two months from the date of her first surgery. We were ecstatic! We put her in the car, she looked so small in that car seat. She fell right asleep on the drive home... it's funny, Whenever I made the lonely drive home from the hospital, I would always be thinking about what it would be like to take her home for the first time. But, I honestly can't remember what that drive was actually like now! Anyway, we got home and I introduced her to her fuzzy cat-brother, Tucker. Walked her around the house, unpacked all her stuff.... and then what? We were home with a baby and didn't know what to do with her! We eventually figured it out, but has taken me about 6 weeks to get a routine down with her. I didn't know anything about babies, here I was with a 2 month old coming home for the first time and feeling like a brand-new mommy. There were lots of fights. Me and Avie, Avie and Daddy, Daddy and I (a lot). I didn't want help because I was determined to "do this on my own". But what I didn't realize was that it felt like having a newborn at home for the first time... but this was harder because she didn't sleep all day. I was shuttling her back and forth to the doctors for check up appointments and learning the hard way that babies her age need sleep schedules, and tummy time. So, I now have regular help (my Mom) and Avie's got her nap schedule. The sanity has returned to the house-hold! Well, for the most-part. Now I get to worry about all the stuff that other Mommies worry about (aside from the additional CF crap, that is). Like breastfeeding, gas, sleeping through the night, outgrowing clothes but not quite fitting into the next size up and teething?? And I gotta be honest, being a Mom is the hardest job I've ever had!

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