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The final countdown...

Avie's replogle tube came out yesterday. So, that means the plan is to start feeing her today... assuming her little body was able to handle the bile, spit and air that naturally accumulates in the tummy and is usually sent "down stream" if you will. This is on account of her getting rid of the contrast, finally. The doctors recommended a rectal irrigation to help with this. They seemed necessary at first, though I don't know if she NEEDS them in order to poop anymore. I've seen her do it on her own, and I've heard her tooting also. But the plan will be to continue the irrigating while we are working her up to full feeds and then slowly back off, once she is getting enzymes again... the enzymes should take over for the irrigations on the 'breakdown and expel' front. Today, we start with clear liquids to see how she does. This won't come out as stool, but the thing we are watching for is her tummy distension. If she eats the clear stuff, keeps it down and her stomach doesn't swell- then we know it's passed into the bowels as it should. The next step will be some combination of breast milk and formula given in small doses at first, then gradually increasing until she is at 'full feed' and pooping on her own. Then she can come home. My husband and I are trying not to get our hopes up, but also staying positive at the same time. It's a tough thing to do. We are a little nervous about increasing her feeds too soon because of what happened last time, but we are both anxious to get her home. I don't want to put a date on her discharge because that would be getting my hopes up- but the logical side of me (albeit a small part that doesn't usually speak up) is just counting the possible number of days... Clear today, the real stuff tomorrow. Increasing by 5ml every 6 hours... we would get to 80ml in about 4-5 days depending on what time of day they start... and if they hold the amount anywhere in the middle for any reason. That would put us at about middle of the week, next week. ... but again, I'm not getting my hopes up. But I do need to make sure we are ready for her: wash the new baby clothes, pack her coming home outfit/bag, install and check the car seat, dust and vacuum the nursery... I should probably get started.

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