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Coconut oil

We all know the health benefits of coconut oil, right? I think I use this stuff every day. Not for my skin or teeth or whatever else- but for fattening up my kid! Here's some simple suggestions on how to use this healthy fat:


I melt a pea size amount in a bowl before pouring the baby cereal in, then I add the water to get the consistency desired. I've been doing this since she was old enough to eat 'solid' food!


I will cook up a batch of whole wheat pasta and then stir in some coconut oil immediately after straining the noodles. This keeps the pasta from sticking too much in the fridge and then when it's reheated, I know there is a bit of fat already there.


Avalyn loves pancakes! Instead of butter, I just smear some coconut oil on the top. Served with a side of fruit, of course!

Mashed potatoes

Butter, coconut oil, whole milk, SALT, done.

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