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February 15, 2018

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Pizza Party For One

September 22, 2017

Avie loves pizza.  Like, really loves pizza.  Her love affair started the day I dressed her up in an apron and put her on a stool next to me at the counter so she could help me make a pizza for dinner. 


The toppings and directions were simple; smear the sauce, sprinkle on the chopped pepperoni, onion, roasted bell peppers and cheese.  She stood back while I stuck it in the oven and then watched it bake eagerly through the lit window.


I realized then, that I could put anything on top of that sucker and as long as she participated- she would eat it.  Bring on the veggies!  But how often can one actually eat pizza? 


Every day, it turns out... she begged for it constantly. 


So I found a way to make her wishes come true: sandwich thins. 


These round, little pieces of bread make the perfect toddler-sized personal pizzas.  You can use it just like pizza dough (although it's not as sturdy, so watch your toppings and be sure to pre-bake it for added crispiness).  Just smear the sauce and pile on the toppings as you normally would!  And, the toppings can be anything, really.  I even used the leftover Roasted Veggie Chili.


I'm logging this as a "Mommy win".





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