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If I have one fault as a Mother it's that I am easily distracted (I know that I probably have many other failings, but I think this one is sort of a catalyst for some of the others). This isn't like the "shiny object" type of distraction- although, my husband will tell you that I will turn into a 9 year old girl when I see a cat walk by, "Kitty!!".

What I'm talking about is the kind of distraction that happens in my head when I remember something I was supposed to do/should be doing/have to do soon. It's range is as broad as questioning if I started the dishwasher (did I even put soap in?) to the oh, holy-hell, I haven't turned a time card in for weeks! Once a thought pops into my head, it sticks and grows and kills any other thoughts that might have been in there. It's like The Blob, from 1958... but instead of being able to laugh at the ridiculousness of being concerned over slow-moving cherry Jell-O, I actually stop functioning properly.

I think Avalyn knows as soon as a blob has starting it's smothering advance through my thoughts because she chooses those moments to demand my focus. It seems to never fail- as soon as I think of a chore, I start the typical internal dialogue; When does this need to happen? Is there any way I can accomplish this task now? If not, will I be able to squeeze it into her nap time and--- then BAM! My thought process is interrupted by my child screaming my name as if I'm miles away.

I'm not.

This ear drum busting yell obviously upsets me and I can try to be calm about it and get 'back' to her, but inevitably I am only halfway present. The other half of my brain is slowly drowning in red, jiggly gelatin. Avie, being as mature and intelligent as she is, knows that I am still not 100% focused and continues to push until I eventually yell or scold and then run to the other room to accomplish my task- OR simply write it down.

Llamas are hilarious

I am working hard on fixing this: I've started 'working' after she goes to sleep and waking up early. Now, those who know me know that I HATE waking up in the morning. There are only two things that will get me out of bed before the sun: coffee and kitties. Luckily I have access to both. This is a small change, but it IS helping. I am at least able to look at my to-do list and plan for the day in the mornings. If I have time, I even get to check and respond to emails! I also got a day planner. It's really cute and it is keeping me on track. I definitely recommend this little guy to other busy Mammas. It's called the Happy Planner, awwwww.... this one has a llama!

Other Mammas know that you don't have to be working outside of the house to feel distracted. All you have to do is clean off the dining room table. AmIright??? The purse you've thrown on the table goes into your room, on your way there you pass the laundry room, then you realize that you haven't taken the clothes out of the dryer yet. Once you throw the clean clothes on your bed (you don't have time to fold them now- because you're cleaning off the dining room table), you see the bathroom behind you and realize that the mirror needs to be wiped down. After cleaning the mirror, and then the counter, sink, toilet and tub, you are suddenly reminded that the kitchen countertops didn't get wiped down after breakfast. So you head into the kitchen and on the way there, you step over an empty cardboard box that needs to go into the recycling bin. After dropping that in the bin, you remember that it's trash day and decide to wheel the bins out to the curb, where you spot the mailbox. You retrieve the mail and sort through the junk on your walk back to the house and once you're inside, you throw the important stuff onto the dining room table. Then you stop and stare into the distance thinking, "What was I JUST doing??"

This is me.

But in addition to the household chaos, I have some extracurricular activities that I am REALLY excited about.... all of which deserve posts of their own. At least my distractions will be interesting future blog posts. Silver lining?? Well, whether interesting to read or not, my new activities/hobbies/actions will be benefiting my family, little Avie, our CF community and the amazing pharmaceutical company creating ground-breaking treatments for people with Cystic Fibrosis.

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