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Salting the formula: an easy way to make sure your baby gets their salt

Babies with Cystic Fibrosis need extra salt. Your CF doctor (probably the dietitian) will tell you how much salt, per 24 hr period, to put in the baby's formula.

Salt the formula?! As if it doesn't already taste disgusting!

It can seem overwhelming when you are required to spread the salt out among the whole day. How do you make sure the salt quantity is generally even? You definitely don't want it going all into one bottle! We discovered an easy system:

You know those shaker bottles for make-at-home protein drinks? They are a heavy duty plastic with a screw top and this little metal mixer ball that you drop inside to help mix the powder with water. We got one of those. It was large enough to make a day's worth of formula (12 hrs). So we measured the formula, water and salt needed for a 12 hr period and shook.

Boom. You're done for the next 12 hours.

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