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April 3, 2017

My favorite soup growing up was always split pea.  My Mom makes a great one using a ham hock and it sits on the stove and cooks for hours... mmmmm.  So good!

But I don't have hours to cook these days.  

Honestly, I don't even have a plan for meals anymore!  Shame on...

February 15, 2017

I wanted to share a recipe that I found online for coconut curry soup.

It's seriously easy, and Avalyn loved it!  I would recommend having a "backup plan" dinner in case your little one doesn't like curry... but having said that, this is a very mild curry flavor.


February 2, 2017

...very weird things for a toddler.  I just love my good little eater!  Here's a list of foods she's chowed down on over the last week:

Salmon and broccoli

This is a simple meal and isn't THAT strange, but she loves pan-seared salmon.  I use butter and then when the...

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