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February 15, 2019

How can I process hurting someone I never wanted to hurt, but HAD to hurt, in order to save them?

How can I move forward from a decision made not with malice, but that carried malice along with it because I BROUGHT it.  Because I needed to, in order to justify to others...

August 2, 2018

You know what happens to me every year? 

I screw up the Christmas cards. 

Seriously, every year!  I think, "oh I have plenty of time" and then before you know it- it's January 10th and I'm just getting those suckers in the mail.  Sorry family!  Thanks for knowing me well...

June 18, 2018

A couple days ago, I received a box of all the medications I will be using for IVF.   I knew the box was coming, since I was the one who ordered it, so there was no surprise when I saw the package on the doorstep.  

What WAS surprising, however, was how L...

June 4, 2018

Summertime.  The time for kids to be outside, just being kids.  Since we are currently a little "backyard challenged" I will have to come up with some creative activities to keep Avie entertained this summer. 

One thing I found, while browsing Pinter...

May 17, 2018

I can't help but wonder what kind of bug could withstand the fumigating antibiotic that Avie inhales twice a day.  I guess the simple answer is some kind of virus.  so I go back a few days, try to peel the layers of the onion that is my memory, but I can't find any obv...

May 15, 2018

I did something today that terrified me: I took my daughter to lunch at a restaurant- by myself.

We take her out with us all the time, but it's a whole new ballgame when you don't have a partner to help.  Just getting the enzymes and applesauce into her mouth takes two...

May 4, 2018

I had such a precious moment this morning that made me realize something deep and profound.  It dawned on me that all I have ever done, in my whole life, was preparing me for for that moment and every minute of every day moving forward.

I was in bed, still exh...

May 1, 2018

When I start to worry about Avie's future, I find comfort in knowing that programs are available for us.

Avie is still young, but I'm connected enough to know that CF patients can have a tough time living "normal" lives.  Their health issues (hospital stays or not) take...

April 30, 2018

We want Avalyn to have a sibling.  That single statement could open up a whole platform for debate about the benefits, or not, of having a sibling- but that's not why I'm posting this.  Honestly, I am posting this because I feel like it might help someone else struggli...

April 13, 2018

I am not the type of Mother who has all sorts of fun activities at hand.   I've heard of those women and I kneel at their feet.  However, I've noticed that the older Avalyn gets, the quicker and more halting her boredom is.  It forces me to come up with something for h...

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